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5 ways to make a GUID or UUID in ArcGIS

{60E263FD-DBDA-443D-83A5-8F79E96AFA76} {032BB097-9EF9-45EB-8B54-3C191E4E9612} {9C6B8BD1-C294-4C1A-8E76-96D9B2378E53} {ED08D59B-0E47-4178-B469-72759B6CDF07} {FF378680-36D6-4FAC-8419-0F12C77B7E28} Globally Unique Identifiers or Universally Unique Identifiers: Humanity’s attempt to make enough unique values to assign one to everything on the Earth. These funny values are the subject of many debates on when to use them and when not to, should we use a GUID or an Integer? What is

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What to do about “[Shape_STLength__]” Errors?

Oh boy…. Database error: The field is not nullable. [Shape_STLength__]. The geometry is not Z-aware. TL;DR That field shouldn’t be there, you can safely remove it. I wrote a quick script to do so here: Now for the full story… It took me a bit to figure this one out, I thought “Hmm, that

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OAuth2 and ArcGIS Online

For a while now ArcGIS Online has had the ability to allow a user to login, and create a Map, publish data, etc.  And of course there were APIs that allowed us developers to get access to that data created by the users.  However, there was a big problem: The app couldn’t access the data

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