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5 ways to make a GUID or UUID in ArcGIS

{60E263FD-DBDA-443D-83A5-8F79E96AFA76} {032BB097-9EF9-45EB-8B54-3C191E4E9612} {9C6B8BD1-C294-4C1A-8E76-96D9B2378E53} {ED08D59B-0E47-4178-B469-72759B6CDF07} {FF378680-36D6-4FAC-8419-0F12C77B7E28} Globally Unique Identifiers or Universally Unique Identifiers: Humanity’s attempt to make enough unique values to assign one to everything on the Earth. These funny values are the subject of many debates on when to use them and when not to, should we use a GUID or an Integer? What is

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